Price : 3000 AED


Fees 300 AED/h
Prof Certified teacher in activity
Package From 10 to 21 hours
Method Face to face, at home or in our center

Price Plan

Duration 1h30 Duration 2h
Excellence 10h30 -
3150 AED
Excellence 10h -
3000 AED
Excellence 15h -
4500 AED
Excellence 14h -
4200 AED
Excellence 21h -
6100 AED
Excellence 20h -
5800 AED


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With private tutoring, activstudy helps your child to achieve their goals !!

Refresher courses, knowledge consolidation, and improvement: whatever your goals, our programs are completely tailor-made to suit your goals and enable progress in skills your child needs to develop. You are looking for the best teachers in the UAE. All subjects, all levels: primary school, middle school, high school, exams preparation (secondary school certificates, high school diploma). Classes are carried out by teachers diplomaed from the  " Education Nationale"


Depending on our teachers the courses can be directly delivered in our center or in partner center. All our teachers are highly qualified, having a masters degree, with experience teaching a class of children at your child’s age. They are selected for their knowledge of the teaching materials and their pedagogical skills


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- Select directly from our databas

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