Price : 1440 AED


Prof Certified teacher in activity
Package By Sessions 6 weeks
Trimester 12 Weeks
Method Small group from 3 to 6 students

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Session Plan
6 weeks
160 AED/h
1440 AED
140 AED/h
1260 AED
Trimester Plan
12 Weeks
150 AED/h
2700 AED
140 AED/h
2520 AED
Yearly Plan
19 Weeks
120 AED/h
3420 AED
100 AED/h
2850 AED


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5 % Subject 2
10 % Subject 3
10 % Sibling
15 % Yearly Plan


Group homework session is a common way for kids to boost their chances of achieving scholastic success. Sometimes deciding that your child would benefit from a tutor can be stressful if children are embarrassed about falling behind and won't admit they need more than just after-school extra help. With our tutoring solution, you will see your child develop a relaxed attitude toward homework and school. Our teachers are qualified and seek career experience, they are the best source when looking for assistance in a particular area. Organizing a study group can help children feel more involved with the learning process and meld their academic and social lives. Our small group tutoring solution allows the parents to join the shared homework sessions.

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Groups are limited in number (4 to 8) and arranged according to the grade and the level of the participants. Whilst each child benefits from individual attention, working in a group stimulates and enhances attention levels.

Good to know

Homework support meet once a week for 1h30 for the length of the semester. Sessions consist of a small group of students and are led by teachers possess excellent interpersonal skills and have demonstrated a strong commitment to assisting students academically. Students attending a homework session benefit not only from a knowledgeable and experienced teacher but also from the opportunity for discussion and collaboration with their peers.


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Grade 6
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Grade 7
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Grade 8
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Français -
Histoire - Géo
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Histoire - Géo
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Session Plan
Session 3 Sunday, January 5
Session 4 Sunday, February 23
Session 5 Sunday, April 12
Session 3
Séance 1 Sunday January 5th
Séance 2 Sunday, January 12
Séance 3 Sunday 19 January
Séance 4 Sunday, January 26
Séance 5 Sunday, February 2
Séance 6 Sunday, February 9