Training Advance

Training Advance

325 AED/H

Training Advance

We offer a wide range of programs delivered by high-quality teaching staff from international schools.
Your child may need help meeting international school standards. Your child may want to consolidate their learning,
in order to achieve their personal goals.

From grade 1 to 12

Your session

Our tutors will go directly to your home to deliver their course.
We offer a flexible framework which is guided by your child’s schedule and your child’s personal goals.
Our private lessons are completely tailor-made to suit your child level and enable progress in the skills they need to develop.

Good to know

All our tutors are highly qualified, having a minimum of a diploma or university degree.
Before starting work with their families for the entire year, our tutors go through a recruitment process,
during which their experiences with children as well as their personal qualities are assessed and evaluated.

Duration : from 1h to 2h per week depending to the level


Our packages start from 10 hours.
Agreed teaching hours will be available for the current year and can be
earmarked for next year. Any unused hours are fully refunded.

Our 20 hours package include one free hours (you can pay in several instalments,
without fees)

Our 30 hours package include three free hours (you can pay in several instalments,
without fees)

For more information contact info@activstudy.comor use our contact form

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