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You are a pedagogical and passionate teacher, and you want to boost your career? You are in the right place.

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You choose when you want to work and how much. You can build a full schedule or simply claim a few jobs on the side.


There is no fixed cost. Being part of our professional team is free. We’ll take fees on each transaction.


No more tracking down customers for payments. ActivStudy will directly deposit your earnings into your bank account as soon as the lesson is complete.

How does it work?


The customer books online, either on the website or with the app. He gives us the date, time and place for the appointment, and pays directly online.


You are notified when there is a request in your area when your schedule indicates you are available.


If you accept to fulfill the request, we put you in touch with the customer. If you do not answer, we consider that you are not interested.


– You are an independent worker with a billing structure (freelance, …)
– You are highly skilled in your domain and qualified
– You can provide lessons in Dubai or Abu Dhabi area
– You have availabilities during the week, particularly on evenings and weekends (that’s when we have most of our requests)
– You have excellent customer relationship skills


– Online application form: First, you will be required to fill a form online so that we have all the information we need before scheduling the interview
– Interview: Then, we schedule an interview (can be by phone) to talk about your experience and answer your questions
– Technical test: Finally, we organize technical and pedagogical tests sessions so that we can check together that you have all the knowledges and the skills needed to fulfill our services