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About us

ActivStudy is a young, modern, evolving and international company that provides parents and students, wherever they are in the world, with an intuitive web platform.

This platform allows to find an experienced and qualified teacher (knowing the national education program) who will help the student to acquire his full potential and will accompany him in his development, his learning and will boost him towards his academic success.

For students...

Since 2014, the ActivStudy team has been connecting students and teachers. We know that each individual has their own way of working. Thus, our platform brings together a diverse community of teachers to satisfy all students.          

For teachers...

We see the web as a way to make teachers’ lives easier, and since 2014, we’ve been doing just that.

We are here to help you focus on what you do best : teaching

Our commitment to quality, excellence and connection

In order to ensure a consistent, quality educational offering, the company recruits graduate and experienced staff. The courses of excellence are exclusively and systematically given by teachers who have been certified by the French National Education System (certified or aggregated) or by temporary teachers.

In the era of digitalization and dematerialization, our intuitive web platform is an essential tool to facilitate the families in their procedures (payment, declaration, reservation…) and to facilitate the exchanges with the teachers.    

Our team

The ActivStudy team is composed of people who share common objectives and values. We work to ensure that our team, teachers and students have the resources and support they need to inspire and be inspired every day.

Why Choose Us ?


In order to ensure the success of your child, we carry out a very selective recruitment. We meet and select all of our tutors and teachers. Only tutors who have successfully passed all of our tests are recruited. All of our teachers are graduates.


We offer a support service tailored to your needs. Our goal remains the success of your child, through improved results and better self-confidence. Your coupons are valid all year round and fully refundable


You pay directly on the site, via our secure platform. We manage and guarantee all transactions. After being debited, you will receive your coupons and the contact details of the teachers via your personal space.

Our Values


Our teachers teach with passion. They care about their students and their success. They listen to their students and support them in their schooling.


Our teachers are qualified and certified in their fields of expertise. They use pedagogy to keep the students’ attention throughout their classes.


Our students improve their confidence and their results. In addition to theoretical skills, our teachers offer courses and exercises adapted to the needs of each student.


Part of the goal of our program is to teach students how to solve problems. The emphasis is on learning by doing and understanding. Our teachers focus on the essentials, skills and methods.