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The importance of learning foreign languages

The ability to speak several languages has become a real differentiating factor in today’s professional world. It allows you to

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The impact of distance learning courses on education

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted everyone’s daily life and habits. One sector that has been particularly affected by the sanitary

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5 tips to improve your concentration

It is very common to be unable to stay focused, to daydream or to be easily distracted by your environment

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How to revise more efficiently?

Many students have difficulties in school, not because they are not studious but because they do not study in the

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10 tips to boost children’s memory

Children with memory deficiencies often have low grades in school, which often do not correspond to their intelligence level. How

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How to work efficiently at home?

Working from home can be very difficult, as there are so many distractions. Between the screens at hand, the refrigerator

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How to help your teenager succeed in school ?

The role of parents in the academic success of children is undeniably crucial. By staying informed and giving our teens

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