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About Us

About Us

Success in learning often depends on finding the right teacher; someone that not only has expertise in the subject, but also knows how to inspire. The teaching style that works for one student may not work for another. As a parent or student, how do you find the right match? As a teacher, how do you find new students that fit your style? ActivStudy bridges this gap.

Our Team

The ActivStudy team is made up of individuals who embrace common goals and shared values. We work hard, play hard, and make sure that our team, our teachers, and our students have the resources and support they need to inspire and be inspired every day.

To ensure high quality of the child’s learning process, we pay strict attention to the recruitment of our qualified teachers. Only candidates who pass all required tests are permitted to teach with us.

We offer on-demand, customised teaching services which will improve your child’s confidence and school results.

ActivStudy takes care of everything! You pay through our website when you book your appointment and our teacher will receive the payment after the lessons. All the transactions are taken care of for you.

For Students

The team at ActivStudy has been connecting students with teachers since 2014. We know everyone learns differently, so our marketplace brings together a diverse community of teachers from different backgrounds and with different teaching styles. ActivStudy started in intensive training, but we're so much more now. Tap into our network to find amazing tutors, math, science teachers, coach, .... ActivStudy makes learning anything convenient, affordable, effective, and fun for all ages.

For Teachers

We know you're busy. Managing your business, communicating with clients, marketing for new students... and, oh yeah, teaching lessons. We see technology as a way to make life easier for independent teachers, and we've been doing exactly that since 2014. Our cloud-based software is free and will help you streamline the day-to-day management of your business, including client scheduling and communication. When you need more students, tap into our marketplace and get visibility to thousands of potential new clients. We're here to help you focus on what you do best - teaching!


  • Alexandre Touzé Brussels, Belgium

    "J'ai obtenu mon bac S avec mention Bien, ce qui était mon objectif mais que je n'imaginais pas atteindre... j'ai eu l'occasion de suivre les cours de physique chimie, SVT et mathématiques durant les deux week ends précédant le bac, et je pense que c'est vraiment ce qui a fait la différence. Merci à tous les enseignants qui nous ont suivi, vous avez fait du très bon travail et je vous en suis très reconnaissant!"

  • Sophia Al Dubai, UAE

    "My daughter has French classes with ActivStudy. She has shown great progress since we started classes with Ms Sarah. She is very patient and engaged with my child. I highly recommend ActivStudy. Thank you."

  • Jana Janjouna Dubai, UAE

    "Vraiment une equipe super et l'interlocuteur est très aimable et aide les élèves a résoudre leurs problèmes.Ma fille en 1 ereS a vraiment profiter des cours, Merci"

  • Mohammed teaching since 2014

    "Thanks ActivStudy! I am proud of how many students I've been able to retain and how my life has been enriched by the variety of people I've met through ActivStudy."

  • Patricia teaching since 2014

    "I love being part of the ActivStudy family. They always give me the tools, time, and support to be better at what I do. Since I started with ActivStudy I have increased not just my number of students and income, but also my confidence and ability as a teacher."

  • Laure teaching since 2014

    "ActivStudy not only keeps my studio full, they consistently provide me with dedicated students who are committed to their weekly lessons. I couldn't be happier with their incredible staff, flexibility, and competitive pay scale."