ActivStudy recruited only competent teachers. Teachers of ActivStudy can not register without telling us their professional identity, resumes, and tests during recruitment. Unlike other academic support organizations, ActivStudy therefore ensures that all teachers / tutors who tutor are actually teachers / tutors. It is the guarantee of a pedagogical know-how and the coherence of the work done in particular with that of the school and therefore of the quality of the tutoring organized by ActivStudy.
ActivStudy has a database of teacher availability in our center or partner center and choose the best for your kid. If the parents are not satisfied with the teacher's work with their child, they can ask ActivStudy to work with another teacher. This request sending an email to info@ActivStudy.com.
AAny unused coupon purchased during the year can be refunded on simple request without any necessary justification after deduction of administration fees. These application fees may not exceed 30% of the total value of the coupons for which reimbursement is requested.
The prices charged by ActivStudy are identical or close to those of the market even if the courses are given by teachers. The organization of ActivStudy, on the Internet, allows the company to reduce its costs and increase the teacher's remuneration.
No we are not charging anything form student & parents who select the lesson. We only charge for teacher who given the lesson.
We only charge 30% fee when teacher lesson is booked by some student or parent.