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Enhanced Performance Offer

Enhanced Performance package

Discover our Enhanced Performance package, which combines weekly classes and intensive courses to help your child deepen his knowledge and skills. Weekly classes are specially designed to enhanced understanding of key subjects and consolidate knowledge. Taught by qualified and experienced teachers, these courses offer your child a privileged opportunity to go deeper into the subjects that are causing him or her problems, and to ask any questions he or she may have.

In addition to the weekly courses, our intensive courses are designed to prepare him thoroughly for the important tests. These intensive courses, organized during school vacation periods, offer total immersion in key subjects. Thanks to a structured, intensive program, your child will benefit from in-depth revision of key chapters, advanced problem-solving sessions and practical exam simulations.

By choosing our Enhanced Performance package, your child will benefit from the following advantages:

We firmly believe that every student has exceptional potential that just needs to be unleashed. Our Enhanced Performance package is designed to support them throughout their school career, helping them to overcome academic challenges with confidence.

With this package, you benefit from a discount of up to 25% on all your lesson hours*.

* offer valid for all annual orders placed at the time of registration.

If you are unable to attend a private lesson (at home or online), we strongly recommend that you reschedule the lesson for another date, in order to maintain the pace of work initially set to achieve your progress objectives.

In the event of absence from a weekly group lesson (this concerns a maximum of 2 absences per term), your child can attend another lesson (either in another subject, or in the same subject if we have another group at another time of the week), or benefit from a coaching session or replace the 2 hours of group lessons with a 1h30 private lesson online.