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Integral Performance Offer

Integral Performance package

Discover our Integral Performance package, designed to help your child achieve his or her goals and excel in school. Our comprehensive program includes a combination of weekly classes, personalized coaching and intensive courses, offering a complete learning experience. Here are just some of the exceptional benefits you can expect from choosing our package:

Weekly courses

Regular courses, taught by teachers selected for their expertise, to acquire in-depth knowledge, develop key skills progressively and move forward efficiently.

Personalized coaching

We firmly believe in the power of individual coaching to help your child maximize his/her potential. Thanks to our coaches, your child will benefit from guidance tailored to his/her specific needs, accelerating his/her progress and boosting his/her self-confidence.

Intensive courses

Reinforce and deepen your knowledge, understanding and expertise. We offer intensive courses throughout the year, from the start of the school year to the eve of exams.

By choosing our Integral Performance package, you invest in your child’s academic and personal development in a complete and balanced way. With this offer, you benefit from a discount of up to 25% on all your lessons*.

In the event of absence from a private lesson (at home or online), we strongly recommend that you reschedule the lesson for another date to keep up the pace of work initially set to achieve your progress objectives.

In the event of absence from a weekly group lesson (this concerns a maximum of 2 absences authorized per term), your child can attend another lesson (either in another subject, or in the same subject if we have another group at another time of the week), or benefit from a coaching session or replace the 2 hours of group lessons with a 1h30 private lesson online.

* Offer valid for all annual orders placed at the time of registration.