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Performance Plus Offer

Performance Plus package

Discover our Performance Plus package, which combines weekly lessons with a 10-hour academic coaching package. Students sometimes have problems that go beyond the classroom, and need help to regain their self-confidence, stay motivated or develop their full potential. Integrating academic coaching into this package has a number of advantages:

Understanding your child's needs :

When weekly classes and academic coaching are combined, teachers and coaches can get a more complete picture of his or her needs. Tutoring focuses on academic aspects, such as gaps in subjects and specific skills to be reinforced. At the same time, academic coaching takes into account socio-emotional aspects and the development of transversal skills, such as time management, motivation, self-confidence and planning. This all-encompassing approach enables us to address the challenges facing the student.

Building confidence and motivation :

Academic coaching focuses on developing students’ self-confidence and motivation. By working with a coach, your child can identify strengths, overcome obstacles and set realistic goals. Academic support complements this process by providing strategies and resources for progress in specific subjects. This combination builds self-confidence, gives them a clear vision of their goals and motivates them to persevere in their studies.

The combined offer of tutoring and academic coaching prepares your child not only for his or her current studies, but also for the future. The transversal skills developed through academic coaching, such as managing stress, learning to learn, developing potential, self-confidence and staying motivated, are invaluable assets for future success. Academic support, on the other hand, enables you to consolidate the knowledge and academic skills you need for your studies.

You can use these 10 hours as you wish: once a week, once a fortnight, once a month. You decide, according to your child’s needs. With this package, you benefit from a discount of up to 7.5% on all your lesson hours*.

In the event of absence from a private lesson (at home or online), we strongly recommend that you reschedule the lesson for another date to keep up the pace of work initially set to achieve your progress objectives.

In the event of absence from a weekly group lesson (this concerns a maximum of 2 absences authorized per term), your child can attend another lesson (either in another subject, or in the same subject if we have another group at another time of the week), or benefit from a coaching session or replace the 2 hours of group lessons with a 1h30 private lesson online.

* offer valid for all annual orders placed at the time of registration.