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Intensive Course

Our holiday courses, the solution for year-round progress

Back to work in December

In middle school, consolidate understanding of lessons and method through application exercises

In 9th grade, get into the habit of studying, a new rhythm for high school arrival .

In 10th grade, consolidate your level in the subjects you plan to to get into (mathematics, sciences).

In 11th grade, keep up your efforts on continuous assessment and school reports

In 12th grade, prepare for a good second term to tackle school record  procedure with confidence and determination

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Small groups

From 175 AED/h

Private lessons

From 250 AED/h

Keeping up the pace in February

In 6th, 7th and 8th grade , take the time to reinforce your knowledge and learning methods so that you can tackle the last term of the school year.

In 9th grade, learn new work methods to perform the rest of the year

In 10th grade, reinforce your level in subjects related to the specialties you choose

In 11th grade, consolidate your knowledge and skills for your school record and start preparing for the final exam.

In 12th grade, review the subjects you get into to prepare the final exam.

In spring to reach your goals

In 6th, 7th and 8th grade, review what you’ve learned to reassure yourself before moving on to the next grade.

In 9th grade, revise the syllabus for subjects taken during the year

in 10th grade, prepare yourself in terms of knowledge and skills

In 11th grade, consolidate your knowledge in the specialities you choose for next year

In 12th grade, go further in your key subjects for your post-exam project

At the end of the year, before exams

In 9th grade, review the mathematics, French, science and history-geography syllabuses with mock subjects.

In 11th grade, study the main themes of the program using mock subjects, essay methodology, revise texts and practice

In Terminale, review your main subjects for the final exam