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School Coaching

Our private lessons, at home or online, guarantee quality and results!

Why choose school coaching?

Who is it for?

All students in grades 6 to 12

For what?

Solve a problem, learn to work efficiently, get back motivation, choose a career path


Online with our school coaches

Successful schooling isn't just about mastering knowledge and getting good grades.

It also means knowing how to organize yourself, set priorities and goals, learn how to regulate stress and, most importantly, knowing why you work and feeling fulfilled in your schooling. These are just some of the cross-knowledge skills that school coaching focuses on.

Regular support

As a true support, school coaching addresses all issues relating to methodology, school organization, school life and guidance.

Promoting self-development

Coaching focuses on optimizing learning mechanisms, developing confidence in one’s ability to succeed, and getting the best out of each student’s potential.

With individual coaching, choose efficiency and simplicity


complementary to traditional tutoring

Your contact

to pinpoint what’s preventing progress and understanding

A change

to take charge of your school career

From 6th to 12th grade, coaching is a highly effective form of educational improvement. In just a few sessions, the benefits of this support are noticable:

Helping your child achieve his or her goals

Concentration, memory, stress management, self-confidence, motivation, curiosity, etc… These are the main “soft skills” we believe are essential to help your child achieve his or her full potential and reach his or her goals.

Learning to optimize your potential

Many learning specialists deplore the fact that traditional teaching too often confines itself to presenting a quantity of knowledge and information, expecting the student to absorb it naturally.

This approach overlooks the need, in the first place, to “learn how to learn”, a skill that is not in fact innate.

This is why the ability to identify and develop one’s own learning mechanisms emerges more and more as a key skill for successful schooling. Learning to learn means becoming autonomous and willing to learn.

Choosing your direction

Guidance is a major preoccupation for all students who, in junior high or high school, have to make a choice, opt for one path or another. For almost 90% of teenagers, this act of choice is a source of stress. If it’s so difficult to find one’s path, one’s career plan, it’s because there are no instructions: how do you know what to do? Our career coaching is aimed at students from 6th to 12th grade. In 4 successive stages, we help you define a precise, personalized project.

Step 1: identify your personality, interests and academic profile

Step 2: identify preferred professional fields and occupations

Step 3: Identify suitable training courses, find out what is expected of you and how you will be selected.

Step 4: Make your choices and establish a strategy to promote your application.

Our prices

250 AED / hour