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About ActivStudy

Located in France, ActivStudy is home to a great team of creative, passionate and hard-working individuals. Since 2014, we have grown from a small start-up made up of teachers and students to an SAS company.

We are driven by our desire to provide exceptional service and customer experience. We aim to combine learning and wellbeing!

Life at ActivStudy

We enjoy spending time with our team-mates, who are intelligent, creative and passionate people, both on and off the job.

Getting to know each other

At ActivStudy, we’re driven and passionate about what we do because we believe in making a positive impact on the world. Find out what some of our employees have to say.

Continuous improvement

We believe in the continuous improvement of learning, curiosity and knowledge in everyday and professional life!

Our values

Corporate culture isn’t just a buzzword for us. Our core values define our teammates outside of work and within our company, from the way we communicate with our partners and customers to every line of code we write.

Proud to build

Our product and our workplace are a direct reflection of each person on our team.


Join our team

Do you like to be challenged, meet high standards and succeed as part of a close-knit team?

Move beyond boring corporate offices – join us at ActivStudy for a career that will enable you to make a real, positive and lasting impact on thousands of people.