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How to improve children's concentration?

Concentration, when mastered, becomes the key to efficiency and ease at work. Often, it is wrongly associated with an intense effort of attention, mobilizing all our energy. True concentration, allows us to work with ease, efficiency and pleasure. It lies in an inner state of relaxation, far removed from any pressure or tension. It doesn’t consume energy, but rather creates an exceptional availability of mind, conducive to learning, discovery and understanding.

Our tips:

Creating a Supportive Environment

A well-organized workspace can greatly influence your child’s ability to concentrate. Opt for a quiet, uncluttered place, preferably setting up a desk in his room. Make sure it’s comfortable, with no distractions such as television. Then make sure your workplace is well equipped with all the materials needed to encourage concentration. Adequate lighting can also make a big difference.

Prioriser une Hygiène de Vie Saine

Concentration is often a reflection of a balanced lifestyle. Make sure your child maintains a regular sleep pattern, even during the vacations. Sleep plays a crucial role in the ability to concentrate, so it’s important not to neglect it. Limit the use of electronic devices before bedtime to promote quality sleep.

Stratégies pour Améliorer la Concentration

Adapted Communication

The importance of appropriate communication helps to calm your child. Adjust your tone and the rhythm of your voice to match your child’s energy. A calm tone and steady speech can help slow the pace, creating an environment conducive to concentration. Avoid abrupt instructions and encourage open communication.

moments of relaxation

Before getting down to work, offer your child a few moments of relaxation. Guide him through simple exercises such as deep breathing. Create a relaxing ritual with soft music and encourage him to close his eyes, releasing tension and preparing him for concentration.

Try Soothing Breathing Techniques

Helping your child develop calming breathing techniques can be a powerful resource for promoting mental well-being and improving concentration. The deep breathing exercise, characterized by slow inhalation and controlled exhalation. This simple yet effective method calms the mind. Encourage him to incorporate this exercise into his routine before each homework session. It can become a valuable habit that helps establish a moment of inner calm, promoting a smooth transition to a state of mind conducive to concentration and academic success. By breathing consciously, your child can better manage stress, improve focus, and approach homework with a more relaxed and focused attitude.

Channeling Overflowing Energy

For energetic children, offer physical activities to channel this energy. Sports, music with instruments such as drums, or even a brisk walk can be excellent ways of releasing excess energy, helping to avoid a surfeit when your child needs to concentrate intensively.

Set realistic goals

By encouraging your child to set realistic goals, you’re putting in place a key strategy for boosting motivation and reinforcing his or her sense of achievement. This could be, for example, mastering a specific chapter in a subject. By setting clear, achievable goals, you provide your child with a concrete roadmap, turning seemingly complex challenges into manageable steps.

Every time he reaches one of these goals, your child feels a significant sense of personal accomplishment. By encouraging him to define and achieve these goals, you not only foster a proactive attitude, but also cultivate a lasting motivation in his studies.

One thing at a time

The habit of multi-tasking can often lead to a dispersal of attention, negatively impacting the quality of work. So it’s essential to encourage your child to focus on one activity at a time. Encourage him to develop the ability to immerse himself fully in one task before moving on to the next.

By instilling the importance of completing one task before starting a new one, you’re fostering the development of deeper concentration. As a result, your child will learn to manage time more effectively and maximize productivity. By adopting this sequential approach, he will perfect his ability to concentrate, optimizing his performance and creating an environment conducive to success.

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