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The impact of distance learning on education

The study:

A survey conducted by School Education Gateway looked at online teaching as seen by teachers. Survey results show that virtually all schools surveyed have adopted some form of distance learning since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, and over 60% believe that school practices will not be the same when schools reopen. The closure of schools led two-thirds of respondents to their first experience of online learning, which was both positive and difficult.

The negative impact of distance learning:

Although distance learning brings obvious advantages (continuity, flexibility and mutual support) to both teachers and students, many have found it difficult to adapt to teaching. This is largely due to a lack of preparation time due to the urgency of the situation. In addition, it is difficult for teachers to ensure that all students, especially those from lower classes and disadvantaged students, remain motivated and continue to participate in online courses.

The isolation created by distance learning limits students’ socialization with their classmates, and therefore the mutual support that usually ensues. What’s more, the fact of staying at home, often without supervision, also encouraged many students to do other things during their lessons, greatly reducing their concentration. For some students, this lack of attention has had a serious impact on their academic results. Many parents are worried about their children’s future at school.

The positive impact of distance learning:

Although it’s impossible to know how the situation will evolve in the near future, we’ve noticed that, over time, most teachers have been able to adapt their courses, materials and teaching formats. A large number of schools have also reopened their doors in a hybrid way: half-groups, larger rooms, etc.

As mentioned above, some students have also been able to adapt and take advantage of the situation, holding work sessions with friends using applications such as Zoom or Google Meet.

Moreover, one of the lessons learned from this situation is that everyone needs to be able to adapt and work independently.