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The importance of learning foreign languages

The ability to speak several languages has become a real differentiating factor in today’s professional world. It not only helps you stand out from the crowd, but also enhances your open-mindedness and curiosity. More and more parents are aware of this, and are encouraging their children to learn languages other than English. Indeed, learning a foreign language has become increasingly important over the years. This is one of the main reasons why so many language training centers have been opened to complement “classic” schools.

Why learn a foreign language?

For a long time, a good English level was all that we needed to stand out in competitive exams and job selections. Today, however, it has become a minimum requirement for most schools and companies. What’s more, more and more companies and schools are even requiring the use of several languages. What’s more, learning new foreign languages increases your chances of getting into more prestigious institutions, and opens up a wider range of opportunities. Learning a language also allows you to discover a new culture, history and countries. It’s a way of enriching your mind.

In short, this kind of skill is a real asset on your resume in an increasingly international professional world. But more than that, knowing many foreign languages is a great source of personal satisfaction.

Some advantages of speaking other languages

Today, the importance of learning a foreign language is such that many schools make it a priority. It’s important to emphasize that a good foundation is a required for this education. In fact, this is one of the many tasks that the various political and social institutions of certain countries have set themselves. The teaching of modern languages is therefore encouraged from an early age, in order to perfect it as much as possible. Learning a foreign language not only helps young people enter the world of work, but also helps those who are already there.

Multilingualism, another challenge to be met

One of the main objectives of many countries today is the continuous improvement of their citizens’ language skills, particularly in the UAE where the average level of English is quite low. Learning a foreign language enables you to acquire a new skill that will enable you to meet the demands of the professional world in general. On the other hand, knowledge of another foreign language is considered a sign of development. Knowing a foreign language makes it easier for two people of different nationalities to relate to and understand each other.

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