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🚀 ActivStudy Flash Offer 🚀

Are you ready to get into the festive spirit of the Christmas vacations? 🎄
At Activstudy, from December 11 to 15, we’re offering our intensive Christmas course with 10h of lessons divided into 5 sessions of 2h.
With our course your child will be better prepared to continue his second term in style and with total confidence! ✨
This vacation period offers an exceptional opportunity to revisit subjects where your child is experiencing the first difficulties and to deepen his acquired knowledge.
Hundreds of students have already placed their trust in us, so join us and give your child the magic they need to excel! 🌟

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Discover our performance package based solely on a tutoring course

Reinforced perfomance package

Discover our reinforced performance package, which combines weekly classes and intensive training courses to help your child deepen his or her knowledge and skills.

Performance plus package

Discover our Performance Plus Package, which combines weekly lessons with a 10-hour academic coaching package.

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Individual courses

250 AED/h

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150 AED/h

School coaching

250 AED/h

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